Marketo Office Hours

  • Smart list and advanced flow

    Marketing Automation • 17 January 2022

    In Marketo, smartlists allow you to build specific user groups based on simple filters….

  • Switching from Paperboard to Marketo

    Uncategorized • 17 January 2022

    Today’s topic is how to go from a campaign plan on paperboard to Marketo:…

  • Smart list and advanced flow II

    Marketing Automation • 30 April 2021

    Sylvain – aka Léonard – prepared 12 exercises to go further in the understanding…

  • Presentation and integration of Outgrow

    Marketo Office Hours • 22 March 2021

    This session was dedicated to the conversational marketing tool Outgrow, partner of Merlin/Leonard. Sylvain…

  • Integration : Marketo & CRM

    Marketing Automation • 22 March 2021

    This session was dedicated to Marketo – CRM integration. Sylvain opens his Marketing Automation…

  • Data Quality & Marketo

    Marketing Automation • 16 January 2021

    This session was dedicated to Data Quality & Marketo. Sylvain guides us through the main…

  • Xeno’s Conversational Marketing to increase engagement

    Marketing Automation • 21 December 2019

    How to increase the conversion of your website thanks to conversational marketing (Live chat…

  • How to share a customer journey and a campaign plan with Miro

    Marketing Automation • 18 November 2019

    Sylvain Davril presents how he formalizes customer journeys at Merlin/Leonard; and how he can…

  • Tracking site customer area and custom activities

    Marketing Automation • 20 October 2019

    Sylvain Davril discusses the problem of tracking activities on a customer space site whose…