Customer Experience

  • Generix Group • Clara Guénand

    Testimonials • 3 March 2021

    Read the testimony of Clara Guénand, Generix Group, Marketing Manager.

  • Murex • Aurélie Turquier

    Testimonials • 23 February 2021

    Discover the return of experience of Aurélie Turquier of Murex, who uses the services…

  • AFP • Thomas Boykin

    Testimonials • 3 January 2021

    Read the testimony of Thomas Boykin, AFP, Head of CRM and Marketing Automation.

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    Customer Experience • 17 September 2018

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    Customer Experience • 1 December 2015

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    Customer Experience • 5 November 2015

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  • Loyalty in the age of customer experience

    Customer Experience • 3 September 2015

    Retention. You will often hear that it costs less than acquisition. “It’s always easier…

  • Retargeting & acquisition

    Customer Experience • 23 July 2015

    Who doesn’t dream of having a second chance? That possibility of being able to…

  • The 5 rules of modern marketing

    Customer Experience • 27 April 2015

    Modern marketing is about customer engagement, which in turn is about a number of…